Catfish is attempting to build a wider space for practice from South East Asia, connecting with practitioners who might be overlooked. 

 We welcome submissions from all genres of photography and encourage those who challenge conventions. 

 We hope to engage with practice from across those from South East Asia, but we are not limited geographically, or along lines of identity. 

 If you are working in South East Asia, working with or from part of a diaspora, or reflect on a wealth of global issues relating to this diverse and underrepresented region we welcome you. 

 Submissions will be viewed every quarter. Every submission will be responded to and our feedback given - no one will be ignored, but please allow us the time to reply. We will be honest, constructive and supportive. There will be an initial review when the submission arrives and if the work is particularly time sensitive to publication then we will certainly consider it as soon as possible.

 This is very early days for Catfish and this text is the first that has been written on the site at 09.35 am on the 8th June 2019 .... Things will change and hopefully advance, but we hope to 

stick to the core values we have set out.

To help us we would ask for the following: 


 Brief synopsis( 200 words)

 PDF mock up of the book 

If you have made a mock up of your book then some photographs of it would be great. 

Please send all submissions to